Sub Project 3

The main objective of SP3 is the specification of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and networking solutions allowing integration and interoperability at different levels, with IPv6 as unification point: interworking of different data link technologies (ground-based, satellite-based, airport systems as main streamline for validation, air-to-air MANET as long term extension), interoperability of network and transport technologies (ACARS, ATN/OSI, IPv4, IPv6 networks), and integration of operational domains (ATS, AOC/AAC, APC).

The main outputs of SP3 will be:

  • Consolidation and derivation of detailed network requirements and detailed network architecture including solutions for network interoperability based on the system description from SP2.
  • Middleware specification as common interface to applications for service integration.
  • Specification of global security concept
  • Specification of the integrated IPS network, including solutions for network management, resource management, mobility management and IPv6 naming and addressing.
  • Integration approach of future aeronautical MANETs into the SANDRA system.
  • IPS network design validation and performance assessment by means of simulation.

Router prototypes implementing the specified networking solutions and interfaces will be developed and tested for overall integration in the SANDRA test-bed in SP7. Middleware solutions will be partially implemented. DLR has lead of SP3 and partners involved in SP3 activities are: SCOM, DLR, SSI, TAS, THAV, AATN, UniBRAD, DASSAV, DFS, INRIA, SITA, SLOT, TGS, USBG.


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