Sub Project 2

The aim of SP2 is to provide the list of system requirements and constraints to be considered within the project as well as to integrate the other SP outputs and define an overall system architecture supporting the IPS network solution, the IMR (including the new AeroWiMAX airport link) and integrated antenna solution. The requirements definition will be largely based on existing work from previous projects but will have to take into account more recent advances in communication technologies, integrate and consolidate the detailed requirements coming from the different SP (SP3, SP4, SP5, SP6). The system architecture will be defined in several steps allowing concentrating the activity at the re-quired time and to capturing the progress of SP3-6. The system usage and operational aspects will be defined during the first activity period. Then, global system architecture will be defined in the second activity period based in particular on the preliminary network architecture from WP3.2. Finally, the sys-tem architeture will be consolidated based in particular on the final version of the network architecture from WP3.2. The main outputs of SP2 will be:

  • Consolidated set of requirements as well as a list of constraints (regulatory, certification, opera-tional) and scenarios that will serve as framework for the rest of the project
  • Reference system architecture and implementation approach of the network solutions proposed in SP3 in the different entities (on-board and on the ground).


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