Sub Project 5

The primary objective of SP5 will be to design and develop a prototype phased array antenna to receive and transmit L-band SBB Satcom and to receive Ku band DVB Satcom. The antenna will be integrated and validated in SP7 to prove the overall SANDRA system concept. The work to achieve this objective in SP5 is as follows:

  • Consolidation of the requirements for the integrated antenna.
  • Definition of the overall antenna package‚Äôs form fit and function. Electrical interfaces to the aircraft are expected to conform to existing standards, but if new interfaces are required, they will be developed here and delivered to other SPs as required. Synthesis of the phased array geometry of patches and radiating elements, the layout and multiplexing of the element feeds, and the technology and architecture of the beam forming phase shifters.
  • Derivation of the detailed requirements for the optical beam forming (OBFS) system and for detailed design of the Triplex based optical beam forming chip.
  • Detailed design of the optical beam forming sub-system and controller, including the interfacing with the aircraft.
  • Perform a feasibility study on the use of MMIC technology for beam forming as an alternative to the OBFN.
  • Fabrication of the OBFN chip and its packaging, and characterization of its performance.
  • Design, development, and fabrication of an electro absorption modulator array for incorporation in the OBFN.
  • Integration of the complete OBFN system.
  • Manufacture of the complete prototype antenna.
  • Testing, validation, and certification of the complete antenna system.


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