Sub Project 6

The main objective of SP6 is the design of an aeronautical standard based on IEEE 802.16e (WiMAX) and using the MLS sub-band for airport surface operations, following the Future Communications Study technology assessment recommendations and taking into account the possibility of inputs to WRC 2011. Dedicated WiMAX trials will be done in a realistic airport environment in SP6, the airborne WiMAX sub-system will be integrated in the IMR in SP4, and the overall WiMAX system will be integrated in SP7. Main outputs of SP6 will be:

  • requirement analysis and high level system design with strong contribution from all the users (WP6.1);
  • development of the new profile description, validation by means of simulation (WP6.2);
  • deployment approach addressing the aircraft platform and the ground system planning issues (RF planning, capacity planning, antennae issues, interference. problems), development of a collaborative view on industrial exploitation of the AeroWiMAX (WP6.3);
  • development of prototype AeroWiMAX airborne and ground subsystems in strong collaboration with WP4.3.3 (IMR AeroWiMAX module) for validation of the sub-systems in dedicated trials in a realistic airport environment and for overall integration in the SANDRA test-bed in SP7 (WP6.4/WP6.5).


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