Sub Project 7

An overall test-bed for validation purpose of the overall SANDRA concept and architecture will be implemented. SP7 test-bed integrates the results from other SPs, especially SP3, SP4, SP5, and SP6. On-ground and in-flight trials are used to show and prove the integrated SANDRA approach and its benefits with respect to existing aeronautical communications systems based on single radio technologies, thus incapable to overcome limitations of individual radio access systems, e.g. limited coverage of direct A/G data links, high delay of satellite systems, etc. The validation activity in SP7 will be organised as follows:

  • Definition and planning of validation activities.
  • Selection and implementation of representative applications for the validation activities.
  • Integration of the sub-systems (airborne and ground components) individually developed and fully tested within the other SPs: router prototypes, IMR, integrated antenna, Aeron-BGAN, Ku-Band and WiMAX ground systems, OSI/VDL2 legacy sub-system, applications
  • Validation of the SANDRA concept through overall test-bed in on-ground and in-flight trials.

DLR has lead of SP7 and partners involved in SP7 activities are: SCOM, TAS, TAUK, THAV, TRT, AATN, UniBRAD, DASSAV, DFS, INCS, E&Y, MONS, SITA, TGS, USBG.


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