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D1.1 Detailed implementation plan
D1.2 Periodic Report
D1.3 Periodic Report
D1.4 Periodic Report
D2.1.1 v1 System Requirements Document v1
D2.1.1 v2 System Requirements Document v2
D2.1.1 v3 System Requirements Document v3
D2.2.1 Usage Scenarios
D2.3.1 v1 SANDRA Overall System Architecture v1
D2.3.1 v2 SANDRA Overall System Architecture v2
D2.3.1 v3 SANDRA Overall System Architecture v3
D2.4.1 Transition and Deployment Solutions
D3.1.1 Detailed Network Requirements
D3.2.1 v1 Consolidated SANDRA Network and Interoperability Architecture v1
D3.2.1 v2 Consolidated SANDRA Network and Interoperability Architecture v2
D3.2.1 v3 Consolidated SANDRA Network and Interoperability Architecture v3
D3.3.1 SWIM Airborne Architecture for SANDRA
D3.4.1 Global Security Architecture
D3.5.1 Network Management Specification
D3.5.2 Resource Management Specification and Assessment
D3.5.3 Mobility Management Specification and Assessment
D3.5.4 Multicast Protocol Specification and Assessment
D3.5.5 Naming and Addressing Scheme
D3.6.1 MANET Integration Concept
D3.7.1 Validation Plan for Network Simulations
D3.7.2 Integrated IPS Network Simulator Description
D3.7.3 Integrated IPS Network Evaluation Results
D3.8.1 Detailed Software Requirements Document (SRD)
D3.8.2 Detailed Interface Specification Doc
D3.8.3 IMR Test Emulator Detailed SDD (Software Design Document)
D3.8.4 Mobile IPv6 Environment Detailed SDD
D3.8.5 Aircraft Mobile Router Detailed SDD
D3.8.6 Prototypes Test and Verification Report
D3.9.1 Report on SP3 End-User Review Activities
D4.1.1.2 Radio Design Study Report
D4.1.2.2 Resource Management Design Report
D4.2.1.1 IMR RF Interface and Processing Platform Definitions Report
D4.2.2.1 IMR Resource Management Interface Definitions Report
D4.3.1.3 VHF Radio Test Results Report
D4.3.2.3 L-Band Satcom Test Results Report
D4.3.3.3 AeroMACS Test Results Report
D4.3.4.3 Ku Band Test Results Report
D4.3.5.1 Resource and Link Management Design Report and Validation Test Plan
D4.4.2 IMR Integration Test Results Report
D5.1 Requirements Report
D5.2 Report for Overall Architecture of Antenna
D5.3.1 Antenna Front-End Development
D5.3.2 Report for design of RF frontend
D5.3.3 Report for Detailed Design of Antenna
D5.4.1.1 Optical Beam-Forming System Requirements Report
D5.4.1.2 Optical Beam-Forming Chip Requirements Report
D5.4.10 Report on interface between aircraft position/attitude and antenna system
D5.4.2 Architectural Design of Optical Beam-Forming Network with Optical Modulators
D5.4.3 Architectural Design of MMIC sub-array beam forming
D5.4.4 Report on OBFN Control System
D5.4.5.2 Optical Beam Forming Chip Design (Report) and lithographic mask (CO)
D5.4.6.1 Optical Beam Forming Chip Measurement Report
D5.4.6.2 Optical Beam Forming Chip Measurement Report update
D5.4.7.1 Optical modulator development report
D5.6.2 Final requirements report
D5.6.3 Final Report for Overall Architecture of Antenna
D6.1.2 Airport Data Link Requirements
D6.1.3 System level technical specification (plus AeroMACS High Level System Design)
D6.1.5 AEROMACS prototype profile
D6.2.1 Waveform complete profile specification
D6.2.2 Report on Profile Modeling, Performance simulation and Global Functional Simulation
D6.2.3 Report on Long Term AeroMACS Evolution
D6.3.1 Report for Deployment and Integration, encompassing antenna studies
D6.3.2 Exploitation/Standardisation Report for SP8
D7.1.1 Test-bed Interfaces Specification
D7.2.1 Use Cases Definition and Validation Exer-cise Plan
D7.3.1 v1 Application Demonstrator Specification
D7.3.1 v2 Application Demonstrator Specification
D7.3.2 Application Interfaces Specifications
D7.3.3 Application Demonstrator
D8.1.1 SANDRA Standardisation Report
D8.1.2 SANDRA Standardisation Report
D8.3.1 Spectrum Regulatory Aspects Report & Road Map
D8.4.1.1 Dissemination Plan (T0/12/24/36)
D8.4.1.2 Dissemination Plan
D8.4.1.3 Dissemination Plan
D8.4.1.4 Dissemination Plan
D8.4.2 Report on the  SANDRA User Forum Workshop
D8.4.6 SANDRA Leaflet

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